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We strongly believe in performance-based affairs and understand that our very success is tied to the success of our clients. Therefore, we’ve ensured to lace our unique Auto Trading System with all the advanced features that’ll help our clients gain consistent results in the form of higher profit and ROI.

About company
71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ


Robot 22 Trade is the only company dedicated to work on EA, better known as Algo Trading, which atomizes the trading process and brings risk free profit, saves times, money and build better wealth over long period of time.

A Robot trading System is used to automatically generate trading signals on the forex trader’s behalf. As such, a manual trader has to glue himself or herself in front of a computer screen and wait for the appropriate time when the criteria for making a decision fits with his or her rules—something which is tiring and complicated.

With robot trading, the trading rules or strategies have been ingrained in a computer program, and your trade decisions will be made automatically without your intervention. With a trading robot, you can trade profitably 24 hours a day and increase your profits. After you’ve coded your strategies on a robot, it will perform the buy and sell actions while you spend your time on the beach. One of the main reasons why traders fail is emotional trading. However, a forex robot lowers or eliminates emotions from the trading equation and give you a reliable way of earning money.

A robot cannot fear to make a trade neither can it start making greed-driven decisions. With implanted strategies, robots are capable of making trade decisions in a way that humans cannot. Some robots can thoroughly and effectively scan the market looking for opportunities with high levels of accuracy than humans.

Trade Pricing
10% 48 HOURS Make deposit
  • Min Deposit 50 USD
  • Max Deposit 199 USD
20% 4 Work Days Make deposit
  • Min Deposit 200 USD
  • Max Deposit 499 USD
30% 6 Work Days Make deposit
  • Min Deposit 500 USD
  • Max Deposit 999 USD
40% 8 Work Days Make deposit
  • Min Deposit 1,000 USD
  • Max Deposit 4,999 USD
60% 10 Work Days Make deposit
  • Min Deposit 5,000 USD
  • Max Deposit 9,999 USD
80% 12 Work Days Make deposit
  • Min Deposit 10,000 USD
  • Max Deposit UNLIMITED USD


There are several other trading programs in the global market and each one competes with the other in advertising. With Robot Trading, we put our money where our mouths are and focus on ensuring success for the long-term investment relationship with our clients. We are dedicated to our clients ‘ financial goals and objectives and so we have hundreds of them over the span of only a few years. Our program is failure-free, user friendly, and easy to install and operate.

As mentioned, our prime objective is to build profitable relationships and gain the trust of our valued clients through superior performance and top-notch customer support. We’ll do all we can at our disposal to see our clients grow with us and will prove to be one step ahead of their expectations at all times.

- An innovative hybrid proof-of-work.
- Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus trading system.
- Instant, on-demand cash-out.

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We appreciates the active partners that help us develop and advance our company. As a thank you for each newly invited participant in this project, we charge referral commissions to their sponsors. In addition, if your invitees will also develop our company, you will also get even more bonuses for it!

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Why choose us?

No financial advisor? No experience trading cryptocurrency? No worries. Our algorithm takes away the guesswork and executes transactions automatically on your behalf.


Emotions and stress have a negative impact on trading. Our Automated platform allows you to avoid that and gets the best option by analysing all data storage.


Immediate funding without third-parties. Smart contracts autonomously perform funding – collect and release payments.


On a decentralized platform, all user accounts are independent; if one account is hacked, this won’t breach the security.


Robot Trading under the direction of Next Generation Technology Co., LTD is located in United Kingdom and is governed by the laws of United Kingdom.


Our platform is always available to ensure that no market opportunity is lost. Let our platform work for you!