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What is Robot 22 Trade? What are the main features of it?

Robot 22 Trade is a fully automated trading robot, which works well on the MT4 platform. It helps you gain the maximum profit in Trading Forex by analysing the market theoretically. With a great reward to risk ratio, it is developed for precisely calculating the market tendencies and act accordingly. That’s why it is capable of functioning with all regulated brokers and to produce tremendous results.

In short, it is an Auto-Trading Forex Expert Advisor, which works great with all types of Brokerage on the MT4 platform, including the types Micro, Classic, Premium, Standard, ECN, Islamic and Zero Spread Accounts.

Which Trading Instruments does Robot 22 Trade work on?

Robot 22 Trade allows you to trade the followings instruments:

  • All Currency Pairs
  • Gold (XAUUSD)
  • Metals
  • Oil (WTI and Brent)
  • Silver (XAGUSD)
  • Commodities
Why should I trust Robot 22 Trade (Robot)?

Well, we understand that there are many fake products to shatter your trust in the Market. But you can check the real-time performance of our product before proceeding to purchase it. There are many reputed Forex review websites/Forums and experts, which rank Robot 22 Trade on top, considering us the best Performing and reliable trading system among thousands of others. For further clarification, you may read our testimonials or talk to the support representatives.

Is Robot 22 Trade affiliated to any other EA or Robot?

To make it very clear that Robot 22 Trade Ltd. exclusively owns Robot 22 Trade and we are not affiliated to or influenced by any other EAs or robots. Also, Robot 22 Trade is not a rebranded system, it Is utterly our very own creation, based on our exclusive trading strategy, which copy may not even be discovered anywhere else in the market.

Robot 22 Trade utilizes a completely different and most powerful strategy to help you thrive towards more and more profit in the Forex market.

How may I Buy Robot 22 Trade?

As per the number of Usernames / Live and Demo accounts you want to own, you can choose our packages and buy them online. We offer various Packages at present. Click here for more details. If you have made your purchase for any plan of your choice, then contact our support on live chat or via email to claim your robot 22 trade package.

What are the terms and Mode of Payment? Can I pay in instalments?

No, you cannot pay in instalments. Robot 22 Trade is a one-time purchase and it is required to pay the full amount at once.

We accept Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin cash and Stella as the preferred medium of payment transfer. You can also contact and retrieve the Bank account details, in case you are willing to go for wire transfer.

How to activate the License of Robot 22 Trade Robot after buying it?

Just after your successful purchase, you will receive a confirmation mail from us. If you still face difficulties, our support executive will help you throughout the activation and earning process.

Is there any discount or any option taking down the price in any case?

No. However we offer time-to-time discounts on purchases, but no additional discount is given to our buyers exclusively. For latest promotions or seasonal discount’s info please visit – robot22trade.com/index.php

What if I want to reduce the number of trading accounts? Will it reduce the robot’s price? Are there any custom packages?

There are only 6 types of pricing plans available with each Robot 22 Trade’s purchase. We do not entertain any custom requests. For example – If you want 30 live and demo trading account, you are ought to buy our Standard plan, which supports 1 to 40 accounts and 2 user names.

What will I get in Robot 22 Trade’s package?

On purchase, you will get your Tbot Software Robot 22 Trade, and money back guarantee (which is subjected to our terms and conditions). If submitted wrong information in the registration form, you should immediately write to us via email or contact our support team on live chat.

How to claim for the Refund and what are the conditions of getting it approved?

Robot 22 Trade comes with 3-days money refund policy. We make the prompt refund, if any user is not satisfied with our product. However, the request needs to align well with our terms and conditions.

To avail a hassle-free refund, you should either write an e-mail to us or report to our support desk in the following time slots (excluding the holidays):

  • 12 PM to 12 AM – Monday to Friday
  • 16 PM to 22 PM – Saturday to Sunday

Make sure to include your e-mail address, Investor Password, the reason of asking for refund and wallet address so that we can serve you better.

HHow long will it take to get my withdrawal into my wallet.?

It takes 1 - 60 minutes to process the withdrawal amount and credit it to the beneficiary wallet address.

In unpredicted political or economic events, which affect the FOREX market, will the EA be able to trade well? Should I keep it running on news release?

Robot 22 Trade is capable to estimate the sudden market changes and perform accordingly. You need not to shut down the EA when such news arrives.

To handle high market volatility, we have integrated the advanced unique trading algorithms in our robot; which can sense the changes and wisely act upon the situation.

Is Robot 22 Trade an Arbitrage or Martingale system?

No. It is not an Arbitrage or Martingale trading strategy but a unique rapid scalping system having its own unique trading algorithm and pure winning strategy.

What is its linkage with other robots? Is it anyhow related or similar to xyz robots?

Robot 22 Trade is NOT related or similar to any other robot, available in the market. Here are our live performance and user reviews, to prove the authenticity and verify to the fact that we are unique.

Disclaimer: A few people/traders/internet users, who’ve neither used our product nor have the knowledge of our EA’s strategy, are making the false claims on reputed forums/websites about Robot 22 Trade. We strongly condemn those all comments and irresponsible conclusions, coming from the knobs of FOREX Trading.

Do you provide free support services or paid? How to contact the support team?

Our support services are completely free and are for the life-time. Our technical support monitors and fixes the issue of clients, arriving before or after the purchase. We are available 24/7 to assist you answering your queries and resolving your issues.

What if I am completely naïve to trading FOREX? Should I buy Robot 22 Trade?

Absolutely, yes! Our manual guide helps you install the system on your Account with step-by-step screenshot examples. You do not require learning and researching on Forex or spending a huge time monitoring the charts on your computer screen, Robot 22 Trade will do manage everything  in well professional manner for you.

Do you release updates? Where to find the new releases, if there are any?

We believe in the saying, ‘A Software is never complete’. So, we keep on refining our product continually. Updates are all about the changes in the market terms or improvement in the strategy from time to time. Kindly visit this link to stay updated on the current and past releases.

Are the updates about all Free or robot22trade.com charges extra?

You may claim for the newest updated version free of charge if you are one of our paid customers. This can be done for 3 times, after which upgrading is chargeable.

What’s the proof of EA Robot’s efficiency? Can you give me the access to your live trading account for monitoring purpose?

To justify Robot 22 Trade’s efficiency, we’ve configured dozens of live trading accounts with verified track record and privileges for public monitoring. You can view the complete trading history of these accounts on third-party platforms, such as Myfxbook, FXBlue, ForexPeaceArmy, etc. by finding the links and graphs on our performance page. If you have some know-how of trading, you must agree to the fact that it is impossible to have a fake verified account on these platforms. Additionally, you can also read the reviews and experiences, shared by users/experts/traders/investors on various famous websites and blogs.

For the obvious reasons, we cannot share the account details of these trading accounts with any trader or investor. For doing this, we will have to change the password for each of the verified accounts. As we receive hundreds of queries each and every day, we might have to repeat it for the same number of times. Being an impractical and time-consuming chore, this practice is totally avoided for our robot.

Does the EA have account protection measures?

Yes, It does possess a completely advanced and unique algorithm in it, which is implemented in terms of  ‘internal money manager’. To protect your account from trading glitches, our robot has Stop loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop commands. All this is in the stealth mode to protect clients from getting tricked by the brokers.

What to do if I want to become your affiliate? Why should I promote Robot 22 Trade?

you can join our affiliate program. You will earn  6% extra bonus commission on every successful investor , which comes through you. As our platform is reliable and result-oriented, you can recruit with the least effort, making the most money out of the deals.

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